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Landlord-Tenant Law: Rights, Remedies, and Changes Under New Act 143

A new landlord-tenant bill was recently signed into law, making significant changes and creating some confusion as to the ultimate impact on landlords and tenants.

ccording to Sen. Frank Lasee (R-De Pere), who introduced the bill in mid-February, the purpose of SB 466 "is to provide additional structure to standardize state statute for some of the most common issues that lead to conflicts between landlords and tenants."

However, due to the rapid pace at which this law was drafted and enacted, there are some confusing provisions that make it difficult to predict the long-term impacts.

This article explains some of the major changes under the law, 2011 Wisconsin Act 143, effective April 1, 2012, including provisions on check-in lists, abandoned property, eviction moratoriums, and severability of rental agreement provisions, among others.

Read the full article on Wisconsin State Bar.