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Child Support Paid, Not Received

David Yang's two young sons aren't receiving child support payments from him. But 28-year-old Yang isn't a deadbeat dad.

His child support payments are being held hostage by his former employer, Joshua Fritz.

That's according to Yang, his ex-wife, child support deductions on Yang's pay stubs, and an action filed in court by the Outagamie County Child Support Center demanding that Fritz appear in court today to explain what has happened to the money.

Fritz owns a private security company called Special O.P.S. LLC. Since July, he has deducted more than $2,000 in court-ordered child support payments from Yang's paychecks - standard procedure for handling child support payments.

But instead of sending a check to the state fund that distributes money to the kids' primary caretaker, Fritz has kept the cash.

And Yang isn't the only father affected.

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