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If you are arrested for drunk driving (OWI), you need a lawyer that knows the law. As a OWI defense attorney with experience in the western Wisconsin courts, I can help you:

Get an occupational license so you can get back to work.

Keep you out of jail so you don't lose your job.

Reduce the fines so that one mistake doesn't ruin you financially.

When it comes to a drunk driving defense, you'll find I provide exceptional legal services. I am a driven and dedicated lawyer. And most important, from your perspective, I am affordable. I know the law and the local programs that are available to help.

Don't answer any questions regarding your alcohol consumption.

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You might be inclined to be open with the police officer. I strongly urge you, however, to politely decline to answer any questions related to what you had to drink, when you were drinking, etc. You may have a defense based on your drinking history. You could lose that defense if you give an officer certain information about your drinking history. Remember, you have the right to remain silent.

Don't refuse to take the test.

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When you are stopped for drunk driving, you will be asked to take a chemical test of your blood, breath, or urine. In Wisconsin, refusing to take the test may be counted as a prior drunk driving conviction and could result in an automatic revocation of your drivers license for a year or more and mandatory minimum jail time. If you agree to the chemical test, you also have the right to request an additional test at your expense.

Don't be pressured into pleading guilty to an OWI charge.

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The penalties are too severe. Most people think their only two options are to take a plea or go to trial. A good OWI attorney will usually be able to talk about all of the local options as well. A drunk-driving conviction can affect your driving privileges, your insurance rates, and your freedom.

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What To Do

Do Not Incriminate Yourself

If you are contacted or arrested by the police, exercise your rights. While your inclination may be to cooperate with police in order to prove your innocence, this strategy can easily backfire. You may inadvertently implicate yourself or mistakenly admit guilt under pressure. Do not risk making your situation worse by talking to police. If you end up being questioned by a police officer about a potential crime, you should not talk and you should tell the officer:

"Officer, Please understand – I refuse to talk with you or consent to a search of any kind until I consult my attorney Joel Larimore. I desire to exercise all my rights. If you ignore my exercise of these rights and attempt to procure a waiver, I want to confer with my lawyer prior to any conversations with you. If I am free to leave, please tell me immediately so I can go about my business. If you attempt to question me, I want my lawyer present."


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